Blue Wave
Marine Microplastic Program

Response Team

Blue Wave, the STF Microplastic Response Team, is an active and growing group of volunteers dedicated to removing plastics from our ocean beaches. Since 2008, this team has been involved in marine plastic fragment research, filtration system development and testing, and group clean-up events.

More volunteers are needed! Currently, Blue Wave groups are active in Oregon, California, and Costa Rica. Contact Marc for more information about participating.

Punta Pargos, Costa Rica

Independent Volunteer Program

Are you an independent adult traveler looking for a hands-on experience in sea turtle conservation?

Are you looking to support the work of a grassroots non-profit organization?

Sea Turtles Forever (STF) offers you the opportunity to volunteer alongside experienced sea turtle conservationists to protect and rebuild endangered populations of Leatherbacks, Green, and Olive Ridley turtles. At night you will participate as a patrol team member to protect sea turtle nests from poaching and record data on nesting turtles. During the day, you will help survey and clean turtle nesting beaches as part of our overall effort to protect sea turtles and their habitat, as well as assist with various office and public relations tasks.

Typical successful volunteers have the following traits:
• Age 21+
• Physical fitness for sandy and rock beach patrols
• Some fluency in Spanish
• Willingness to work variable night-time shifts
• Willingness to help with a variety of field and office tasks
• Ability to record field data accurately and neatly
• Interest in environmental education for our tourist expeditions
• Eagerness to learn about sea turtle conservation and STF
• Values are aligned with STF’s mission: More Turtles. Less Plastic.
• High level of maturity
• Self-supports their field experience with reading related research papers
• Experiential learner
• Good communication skills related to public relations and environmental education
• Expertise with Excel data sheets
• Punctual and prepared for patrol tasks

What’s included in the program?
• Assistance with logistical arrangements for airport shuttles, lodging, food
• Nightly sea turtle nesting patrols and tourist expeditions as part of a team
• Beach clean-ups
• One-on-one learning opportunities with the on-site director
• Successful volunteers can receive a reference letter for job/college applications

Program Fee: $450/week. Food and accommodations can be arranged at an extra charge. e.g. – food expenses run about $15-30/day per person; housing: $15-25/night for a modest or shared accommodation.

All volunteers must sign a liability waiver.

Read the Volunteer Handbook.

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