Microplastic Filtration System

In response to the devastating findings of research regarding the toxicity of marine microplastics, Sea Turtles Forever designed an easy-to-use clean up solution for coastal communities to adopt for their beach remediation efforts. This Microplastic Filtration System uses static charged filtration (SCF) technology to remove microplastics as small as 100 micrometers in size (the size of a grain of sand). It is a carbon neutral, manually operated filtration system that is designed to remediate a beach environment to its pristine state.


Volunteers are using SCF screens all over the world to clean up beaches.

Join the STF/Blue Wave volunteer team, or order a screen and initiate a clean-up effort in your local area.
See below for more information and how-to videos.

US Patent!

Congratulations to Marc Ward for receiving a US Patent! After five years of dedication, the SCF screen-system for plastic filtration is certifiably up and running. Armed with Marc’s invention, the Blue Wave Microplastic Recovery Team will be coming soon to a beach near you.

Bring the Microplastic Filtration System to a beach in your area!

Filtration systems are available for purchase for $169, plus shipping. Contact us for ordering information.

Filtering a Plastic Ocean

From North Shore Productions, Filtering A Plastic Ocean profiles ocean activist Marc Ward and his revolutionary system that removes toxic microplastics from the beach, and therefore the ocean. The film explores the impact these tiny plastics have on marine wildlife and human health, and shows how this groundbreaking technique is making beaches safe for people around the world. Produced and directed by Rory Banyard at North Shore Productions, Inc., in Portland, Oregon. Filtering A Plastic Ocean premiered at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in January 2016.

Microplastic Filtration Tutorials

During volunteer training in Manzanita, Oregon, Dr. Erik Terdal, of Oklahoma State University, shot three short films of Marc Ward’s instructional lecture. Check out how much microplastic is collected in this tiny area!
Video taken June 18, 2016.

Video 1: Sweeping the Beach for Microplastic

Video 2: Sifting Microplastics from Sand

Video 3: Netted Plastic into Bucket

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