Meet the Board President

November 3, 2019

Ed Johnson’s passion for the environment began with his involvement in the first Earth Day in 1970. Ed’s daily goal is to be a better “planetarian.” His focus is on the ocean and its wellbeing.

As a young professional, Ed was the recipient of several National Science Foundation Academic Grants. He earned a master’s degree from Cornell University, and he has a resume that includes memberships in local, state, and national education associations. He is President of the Seaside Education Association. 

Ed was responsible for the first grant received by the Haystack Rock Awareness Program (HRAP), administered by the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. Ed was an original staff member of HRAP and a principle member during the first 10 years of operation.

So why is Ed involved with Sea Turtles Forever (STF)?

“Marc had a lot of energy when I came across him,” Ed explained. “I had a lot of work-related field trips, and Marc was always the field science assistant. He was responsible for putting together the field trip. I continued to see Marc around locally, and in 2012 Marc approached me about becoming involved with STF. I really appreciated his message as to why I should get involved with his cause.”

When asked what Ed would like to see in STF’s future, he said, “I would like to see increased participation, including volunteers and donors. The base of operations needs to be maintained, leveled, and increased.”

“It’s a unique orientation,” Ed says. “Not a lot of people in America realize the large number of turtles that are impacted in Central America. I want to help this group by broadening awareness and soliciting volunteers, especially those living near the ocean. Let’s start a chain reaction to make sure such communities undertake local operations to benefit themselves, their coastal resources, and the natural animal population.”

“I really believe in the axiom: Think Globally, Act Locally,” Ed added. “What started out as an environmental adventure in Costa Rica for Marc and his wife, Rachel, helped them to discover there was a real need to do something about the endangered sea turtle population there. It changed Marc’s life, I could see.”

Ed has been President of STF since 2017. He’s served on the Board of Directors since 2012.

Marc W. Ward – Executive Director – Sea Turtles Forever

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